Monday, May 28, 2012

New Innkeepers, New Life, A Fine Old House

A little excited.  A little nervous.  Okay, those sentences are complete understatements.  As we, Brad Loman and Keith Jenkins (that's me) begin our new lives as innkeepers, we realize that there are those that came before us, stewards of this fine old house, hosts of interesting travelers from all walks of life.  We want to do it right, maybe even do great, and put a new spin on things as this bed & breakfast enters its second quarter century, and the house itself enters its second full century.  Since we reopen on June 1st, after  a little bit of hair pulling and back breaking, and warm feelings towards our new old home, we've decided to let that day be The Lancaster's birthday.

Built in 1912 for members of the Armstrong family, this summer sees the close of it's first hundred years.  Wow.  Kids grew up here, kids came home from college here, brides and grooms left in love from here.  Grandparents grew older here, and moms and dads took care of a good house here.  Maybe somewhere in there, parties were hosted, guests discussed the Titanic, the wars, and Kennedy.  I like to think that Lancaster native and modernist painter Charles Demuth visited here once or twice in the early days.  Demuth in my house!

Any old house needs a lot of work and care and love.  Restoring, redecorating, reinventing an inn as a new innkeeper is nothing but a labour of love (I write these words at 2:30 am; there couldn't be any other reason).  So, to share that experience with guests who knew the house at it was, and future guests (friends) who may come to know it well, and even the passerby who maybe spent a childhood here or relaxed here once with drinks and friends, I would like to record the changes - hopefully artful and deserved - that Brad and I, as new innkeepers, give to this fine old house.

Lets's see what happens!

The wallpaper comes down.  And the walls exhale.

And look who was there to greet us!  Mr. Keeports reaching out from 1916.
Previous owner, Dave Blaich, found Mr. Keeports' John Hancock on an upstairs bedroom wall too.

Come back and see what new life comes to this house, your home-away-from home,
The Lancaster, a Bed and Breakfast.


  1. Hey Keith and Brad. Love your blog. I will definitely, be checking in here and on FB. I am so blessed to have met the two of you and be in the midst of genuine kindness. See you soon, as Tanya and I will be back - Kristol

  2. Wonderful B&B! You will find no better breakfast anywhere! Very homey, plenty of privacy and abundance of special touches. Enjoyed our 27th anniversary and will definitely come back! Brad and Keith were born to be innkeepers
    Tim & Lee Tate Cleveland TN